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Festive lantern styling with our red sleighs!

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Festive lantern styling with our red sleighs!

We've got some new styling inspiration for you!  Our versatile Open Lantern set, is so fun to decorate for the Holidays, here's a step by step on how we styled them using a sleigh and Holiday greenery!


 1.  The first thing you'll need is one of these Open Lantern sets, find them here!


2.  Next, lay a small or medium wooden slab inside the large lantern (this will serve as a sort of riser for the sleigh)  Link for the wood slices are here

We also have a smaller version, found here!

 The focal point we used is a red tin sleigh, find it here!

3.  Place the red sleigh on top of the wood slab inside the Large Open Lantern.

 {We also have two additional styles of sleighs if you prefer something slightly small, find them here!}

 4.  The last thing you'll add to the larger lantern, is one of our Prickly Pine Hanging Stems, arrange it and tuck it around the sleigh and spilling out the sides.

Find the greenery here!

Now moving on to the small Lantern, we're keeping it simple!  A beautiful red pods candle ring, and a flameless candle is all it takes!

5.  Place this Red Pod Candle ring inside the Smaller Lantern


6.  And lastly!  Our favorite Flameless Candles (no worries about fire, smoke or smell!) add the perfect touch of cozy and glow.  Find them here!

And that's it!  Here's the finished look, use them as a centerpiece, as part of a tablescape, mantle/hearth, or on an entry table to welcome guests.

Happy decorating!