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Decorating with faux greenery in your home!

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Decorating with faux greenery in your home!

Adding greenery to your home requires no green thumb!  We have several faux botanicals that will soften up any space of your home.  

These plants and florals add color without competing with other colors in your space, they help soften angular lines, and add texture to a mantle or height to a table!

Here are some ways you can easily incorporate faux greenery into your decor.  

Up first, let's talk about Eucalyptus!  Who doesn't love eucalyptus these days, and we've got it in stems, garlands, wreaths, mini wreaths and even candle rings.  

Click on images below for product links!

**Double Sided Eucalyptus, find it here

 Double Sided Eucalyptus Stems

**Eucalyptus Candle Ring / Wreath, find it here


**Eucalyptus Bundles, find it here


**Mixed Eucalyptus Candle Rings, find it here

Mixed Eucalyptus


Hanging Greenery is an excellent way to elevate your space!  Whether you use it by itself or combine it with other florals, you won't be disappointed!

**New England Boxwood, hanging stem, find it here

 **Rainwashed Hanging Stem, find it here

**Seraph Hanging Stem, find it here

Don't forget about green stems...perfect to tuck in and complete the perfect floral arrangement!

Find greenery faux botanicals here!

 And if you need baskets to display your greenery, we've got you covered!