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Design tips and inspiration for you and your home

Creative ways to decorate with Florals!

Creative ways to decorate with Florals!

Whether you're pairing colors and textures together, or wanting to create a centerpiece showstopper - decorating with florals doesn't have to be complicated! 

Here are some easy ways to incorporate florals into your home.  Sometimes in non-traditional ways like a wall pocket or a basket on the floor, even a grain scoop, and other times a simple vase will suffice!  

In this display, we're paired our long stem roses with our favorite double-sided eucalyptus stems.  These roses and eucalyptus stems are so realistic, even a closer look will have you believing they're real!!  They look beautiful displayed in a basket, like this one with leather handles!

How beautiful would these look incorporated into a gallery wall?  Or if you have a small space in the foyer by the front door, or even down a hallway...these glass and metal vases are your answer! We took one bundle of the peach peonies apart, and split them among these three vases...and done!

Next up is a fuller arrangement, incorporating violets and purples!

All you need are these three different florals to create this beautiful arrangement!  Arrange them in one of our gray metal pedestal vases!
1)  Purple real-touch tulip bundle
2)  20" Seagrass bush stem
3)  Purple wildseed pick


For a more modern or simple look, we love how the real-touch yellow tulips look in our gold budvase!

For the white and neutral lovers, we've got two arrangements for you!

In this first one, we've bundled the white ranunculus stems with two different kinds of greenery: callisia and a bush of petite leaf stems

Our white peony bundles (or you can use any peony color to match your decor!) are paired here with two astilbe bundles!  Drop this into our rubbed gold vase and you're done!

And this last arrangement combines soft fern stems, with peach tone real touch tulips and peonies!  

Are you ready to add some florals to your home?  We hope this gives you some confidence and inspiration - and remember you can always reach out to us if we can assist or answer any questions!

xoxo, the FIG team

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Three Ways to Style your Open Lanterns!

Three Ways to Style your Open Lanterns!

Hello friends!  It's no wonder these are a favorite around here.  With a modern touch, and an open slate ready for decorating, these open lanterns are ready for you to customize to suit your home and style! 

Here are a few inspiration ideas we've put together to help you get started!  You will find all the products used, as well as the lanterns on our site by searching "Open Lantern Styling"


First up is a simple classic design, with the warmth of greenery added in!  We've combined an Eucalyptus mini wreath and on a wood riser, we've put a flameless candle in the large Lantern,
And in the smaller lantern you see a grouping of terracotta pots, some moss and our charming grey bird on stand.

Here are a few close ups on the individual items added in!


The second style we've arranged adds in some floral blooms!  A simple vase, and two bundles of our real touch peonies is what we used in the large lantern.  The smaller lantern hold a flameless candle perched on a wood riser, a single stem of the Astilbe bush and the grey pedestal bird!


And the third style includes a couple bundles of the Peach tulips, which soften up the contrasting wood and metal. The grey candle and bird balance it out on the smaller lantern, and adding moss or any greenery helps bring in an earthy element to tie it all together!

The products used in all these displays can be found on our site by searching "Open Lantern Styling" or by clicking on this link!  Have fun, mix & match, we can't wait to see what you create!


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